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 This series of hyper-realistic watercolor illustrations of Harley- Davidson motorcycles evolved from a chance encounter with a bike that was parked on a brilliantly sun splashed sidewalk in Florida. There are four images in this series, all richly illustrated and available in giclee prints.  The originals have been purchased by a single collector. This piece and others in the series are currently on display in my studio. 

North Carolina barn.jpg


This series of pen and ink drawings has evolved from a passion for and fascination with technical drawing media and techniques.  An ancient form of artistic expression, the use of line drawings has evolved from simple scrawls on a cave wall to the computer-based illustrations we know today. Using a variety of line weights and direction, intriguing patterns of texture and tone can be achieved that represent form, lightness and darkness and atmospheric perspective.

The original image shown above is available for purchase and I have issued an edition of Exclusive Philanthropic Image Prints, available only thru non-profit fundraising events.  The edition is limited to only 10 in number.  No prints are available for retail purchase.






"Collaboration" is one of my latest three-dimensional works.  It resides in the permanent collection of the Pennsylvania College of Technology and a sister piece is held by UPMC Susquehanna Medical Center.  The recently commissioned piece "Undercurrent" has been installed in the passenger concourse of the new Williamsport/Lycoming County airport terminal.  It is fabricated from similar materials and uses a similar expressive"language". Three dimensional design continues to fascinate me as a tangential activity to flat art. 

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