Since 1966 Fred Gilmour has been producing and showing fine art in a variety of media and photographs in North Central Pennsylvania. Pieces are held in numerous private collections locally and throughout the region. Explore more to view current collections, read about current projects, and find out about the next exhibition.

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  I’ve been an artist working in various educational settings since 1966 as a production artist, college professor and administrator.   

  After retiring in 2001, I established my formal art studio near Williamsport, PA.  

  My work is currently held in numerous private and commercial collections. Commission pieces are encouraged to supplement personal original art and photography.

"There are no answers; only cross references"


"Gathering of the Clans..." is nearly sold out!

"Gathering of the Clans" is a newly completed painting after approximately three months of tedious work.  It depicts six single malt scotchs from my collection and is a perfect addition to the scotch lover's art collection.  I am offering a signed and numbered, very limited edition of archival quality giclee prints.  Only 40 prints are in the edition and nearly half are already sold! 

"Them Good Ole Boys..." is finished and available.

"Them Good Ole Boys..." is a new painting in the hyper-realistic style of the recently offered scotch collection image.  It features, of course as the title implies, whiskey and rye.  This one features five spirits from my personal collection and one---Pappy Van Winkle--that I covet!  It is offered as a very limited edition, signed and numbered giclee print.

"In Good Company", a companion piece is also available.

November 2019

"In Good Company" is an additional companion piece to the Scotch image.  It features a similar collection of bourbons, with the addition of Cohiba cigars.  Likewise, this work features five spirits in a composition comparable to "Them Good Ole Boys".  It is executed in a style akin to its sister image and is also offered as a very limited edition, signed and numbered giclee print. The edition is limited in number--only 40.  It is intended as an alternative to the above image. 

Gustin's Gallery represents GilmourArts

Current and recent works featuring pen and ink drawings of regional "agricultural architecture" is now being shown in Gustin's Gallery, Corning, New York. These pieces lend themselves so well to the stark nature of black and white illustration.   If you love the simplicity of pen and ink these pieces are for you. 


I was  commissioned to create a large wall sculpture to be placed in the new Airport Terminal Building in Williamsport.  The piece is similar to others in the series and was installed a few month ago coinciding with the soft opening of the facility.  It was formally dedicated on October 15th, 2019.  "Undercurrent" measures 22 feet in width and is fabricated from polished aluminum tubing, Plexiglas mirror and aluminum sheet.    This high traffic building is the perfect venue for such a slick high-tech piece.  Below is a transcript of the acceptance comments: 

“As I have been transplanted from one rural Pennsylvania community to another, the natural environment has always played a large part in the development of my artistic expression.  My childhood and teenage years were spent interacting with the pristine mountainscapes of the Laurel Highlands counterpointed by the burgeoning industrial complexes of post-WWII Pittsburgh and steel mills of Johnstown.”


“Eventually adopting Williamsport-- another pivotal community in Pennsylvania’s industrial past--as my adult home, I have grown to appreciate the contributions of that past while recognizing the enormous potential of the future.”


“This divergent influence is manifested in this work: UNDERCURRENT.  Similar pieces have been created in a series of works exploring the merging of modern materials with abstract statements, i.e. using the same materials or “language” but different geometry or “sentences” to express emotional meaning.”  UNDERCURRENT is fabricated from polished aluminum tubing, hand cut clear Plexiglas mirror, hand cut blue Plexiglas mirror and hand manipulated aluminum sheet.  It is approximately 21 feet in length by approximately 4 feet in height.


“UNDERCURRENT is evocative of the crystal waters of our local mountain tributaries as they fill the grand and glistening nearby Susquehanna River.  With its highly polished surfaces, modern materials and energetic design UNDERCURRENT combines the sparkling life water of our region with the modern, forward thinking of a vibrant and energetic community.  The angular and intersecting elements are reminiscent of historic scenes of the logging industry that is so much a part of our local heritage.  The brilliant, reflective elements represent the strategic and visionary thought necessary to shape and sustain our future.”


In my spare time, I've "branched out" into the fashion design arena.  As a Curated Designer with VIDA, my artwork is now available for purchase on high quality women's fashion accessories like scarves, tops, coverups, and men's pocket squares.


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Public Artworks commissions sculptural

piece for new Airport Terminal


What's on the Horizon

Get up to speed and stay current on GilmourArts.  An artist not only has to produce great work, but must make tremendous effort in putting that work in front of the right sets of eyes. That's why I spend so much time attending events and arts-related gatherings. Check out current projects in which my work is featured.